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His Feisty Omega

Winston: I'm content to be carefree and hang out with my friends, work in the hardware store, and mind my own business. Just because I’m an omega doesn’t mean I want a life of domestic bliss. Until I see Kieran. He's older, a loner, and a cranky pain in my a— Let's just say he's not my type.

So why is my wolf craving him?

Kieran: I have no need for smart-mouthed, sassy omegas. At the top of that list is the much younger, much feistier Winston. Whenever I go into the hardware shop, there he is in the tight apron and jeans that leave nothing to the imagination. I've never been more annoyed by anyone in my life.

But tell that to my stupid bear who keeps growling mate whenever he's near me. I don't have time to fall in love, but the Goddess has other plans. And I'm not happy about it one bit.

His Feisty Omega is book 6 of Season Five of the popular multi-author series, Vale Valley, a small town open to everyone who needs a home and love.

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