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Finding His Daddies

Reece is a boy without a home. Lost, alone, afraid, he has no one to turn to except the Uncles of his best friend. As if being tossed out on his butt wasn’t bad enough he has to learn to deal with strangers who have no idea who he really is.

Being at rock bottom means Reece has no choice but to take what he’s given. However, what he finds are two men who actually care about him. Carsen, a strict, no-nonsense cop. Lukas, a nerdy, upbeat author.

They’re looking for a third, but when they set their sights on someone else, Reece knows that he wants Lukas and Carsen for himself. Can he open up enough to find his Daddies?

Finding His Daddies ends in a HFN, however it does contain a cliffhanger that will lead into book 2 of this completed series.


Loving His Daddies

Reece has finally found the relationship of his dreams. When two big, gorgeous men call him their baby, he knows he’s found home. It’s only with them that he can be little, vulnerable, and protected all at once.

But now their peaceful world is being shattered. Knowing his boyfriend, Carsen is walking into a difficult home to care for his mother doesn’t sit too well with Reece or Lukas. But they’re going to support him no matter what.

No one expects the journey to be easy, but when things go south lies are revealed, hearts are broken and Reece is left to wonder if he’s going to lose the best thing that ever happened to him. Can this little keep his Daddies from falling apart?

Loving His Daddies ends in a HFN, however, it does contain a cliffhanger that will lead into book 3 of this completed series.

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Trusting His Daddies

Texas was challenging, but Reece and his Daddies are happier than ever now. Stronger. He knows that nothing can break them apart. Until they receive shocking news.

They’re about to have kids. Not one, but two. Reece refuses to stand in the way of his Daddies' dreams, but he has no idea if he can handle this.

Between school, jobs, and Lukas’ growing anxiety, Reece is starting to realize that things might not be as stable as they seem. He doesn’t want to lose the dynamic he has with his Daddies. But when things get rough he’s left to wonder if he’ll have to walk away.

Will their relationship survive the chaos?

Trusting His Daddies is a 76k book that ends in a well deserved Happily Ever After.

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