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What's Currently on Patreon? 

Advanced chapters of my work, NSFW art, ARC copies, two  Patreon EXCLUSIVE serials and more!

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Daddy's Boys Season One 
Season Two ongoing NOW! 

Twins home from school. A father who knows their deep, dark secret. Will Caleb and Spencer be able to come clean about their taboo love? And will David get the chance to finally be with them both?

Twins with a secret and a father who sees it all. 

"My sons think I don't know they're fucking."


Kai's life is about to change. Sold to a man he doesn't know, he has no choice but to fall in line. But the Master of the house wants the omega. The alpha will take him.

Again. And again. And again. 

How will Kai handle the dark reality of his situation and the wolf that's determined to break him?

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