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Trusting In Fate

Lone wolf life is good for Jasper King. No mate, no pups, just him and his brothers working on their handyman business together. Until he stumbles across Grim, an omega deer. Suddenly, things Jasper once had no desire for, come crashing to the forefront. Would it be so bad walking away from the lone wolf life?

Grimaldo knows instantly upon meeting the cheerful alpha wolf Jasper that he needs to stay clear of him. His family already has plans and he can’t go against his herd. Grim has no time to be tying himself to some random alpha. 

These two are opposites in every way so what happens when fate decides to pull them together? 

Bound by Fate (1).jpg

Bound By Fate

Books and his nieces. Those are the two most important things in Nikhil's life. And it should be enough.


Until he realizes how lonely he is and how anti-social he's become. When he runs into the energetic and feisty Evander his world gets turned upside down.

Evander is tired of only being wanted for one thing. Bunnies aren't known for lifelong mates, but when Evander runs into Nikhil he finds himself wanting the alpha. Forever. Even if the wolf constantly puts his foot in his mouth.

Can they open up and learn to accept the gift that fate is offering?

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