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My December Alpha


I thought I loved him, but he tried to kill me.I have to get away from my abusive ex. He doesn’t want to let me go, but my friends have a plan to keep me safe. All I have to do is stay with Frank.The moment our eyes met, I knew we were fated. My brain’s automatic response? Daddy.


I’d do anything for my son, Colten. So when he asks me to look after his scared omega friend, how can I say no? Yeah, I never expected my wolf would demand I claim him. Or that the boy would bring parts of me back to life that had been quiet for so long. I’m twenty plus years his senior, but Jaron doesn’t seem to mind.

Maybe he just needs a loving Daddy to take care of him. We both have issues and we’ll need to overcome them if this isn’t going to end in disaster. Can fate make a mistake?

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