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Broken Boy.jpg

Broken Boy

Layne has the Daddy of his dreams. Hot, strong, loving, and possessive. At least some of the time. But when the doors are closed and they’re alone, everything changes. Layne can’t figure out how to fix his Daddy's problems and insecurities. He’s resigned himself to a life of fear when he meets the younger Branson. Smart, sweet, and endlessly patient, he’s drawn to him. But what does that mean for his current relationship?

Branson doesn’t have dating or dynamics on the brain. After a messy breakup with his boy, all he wants to do is work and meet some like-minded friends. Kintan and Layne could be that for him. However, after he finds out the dark, twisted secrets festering beneath the surface, he begins to realize that things aren’t what they seem.

Can Branson pull Layne out of the fire? And what happens when an arrangement as just friends turns into so much more?


Broken Boy contains triggers including domestic violence. Please do not read if you are sensitive to the subject. Check the inside before you read please!

Beautiful Boy.jpg

Beautiful Boy

Beautiful. Sweet. Bratty. Aaron is a boy worth saving.

Red had no idea what he was getting himself into when his boss, Diego, assigned him to watch the much younger Aaron. Keep him safe, keep him out of trouble. Those were his orders. It was supposed to be easy, but Aaron is as wild as he is beautiful. And Red finds himself protecting Aaron for more reasons than a paycheck.

Stripper turned social media star Aaron is taking the world by storm. The limelight is what he’s wanted for a long time, so why does it feel so hollow? New friends, new problems, and a new number one fan all weigh on his shoulders. And to top it off, he has to deal with Red. The cranky, bossy, hot as hell bodyguard who’s actions scream DADDY.

A boy out of control. A Daddy who wants to tame him. Can they work together to find the love they both deserve? And can Red keep Aaron safe as danger lurks in the shadows?

Rich Boys (2).jpg

Rich Boys

Two boys in need of a daddy.


Jase Cole is in love with Asher Mill. That should be enough for them to be together, but relationships are never that simple. No matter how much Jase loves Asher there is a need he can’t quite live without.

Asher adores his best friend and lover Jase. But he isn’t blind to the facts, they both need a daddy. Asher needs a firm hand and a strict voice to lead him. Jase needs someone who will give him structure and teach him to be soft.


A boy who thinks he can stand on his own and another who craves his perfect daddy. Can one manhandle two very different boys?

Big Boy.jpg

Big Boy

Carter's having the worst time of his life. He's lost his job, his mother won't stop asking him about his love life, and he's the butt of every overweight joke in the book. Knowing he can't control everything he decides to change what he can and lose the weight. Maybe then he can find the Daddy he's always dreamed of.

Samuel loves his job as a personal trainer. Finding ways to help people reach their goals fulfills him. Until he meets Carter. It's one thing to want to change yourself, but when he sees the man is only doing it to appease everyone around him, Samuel refuses to let that happen. Because Carter is already beautiful exactly the way he is.

A man with image issues. Another who wants to give him the world. Together they're a Daddy and boy that need each other. But can Carter learn to love himself before he loves Samuel?

Lost Boy.jpg

Lost Boy
Release Date: 12.14.2021

Thomas’ time in the spotlight is fading. Once a celebrated model he quickly realizes that things are changing the older he gets. Facing the loss of his dream and the friends he thought he had, the only question is; what comes next? When he decides to move back home to be closer to his brother, he never expects to run into a man who needs more help than anyone he's ever met before.

Beaufort, Bo to his very few friends, is down on his luck. No one knows that his life is falling apart or that he’s been sleeping in his storage unit. When Thomas realizes the truth, Bo just wants the man to leave him alone. But he can’t seem to take the hint. And Bo is pretty sure Thomas is either the biggest idiot on the planet or the sweetest man that ever lived.

It’s insanity to move in with a complete stranger, but Bo goes with his gut. And soon he realizes there’s so much more to Thomas than meets the eye. Could this Daddy and boy be just what each other needs?

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