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Fight Me Daddy
Release Date: 06.26.2022

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I hate the mafia.

Mountains of debt that never go away, strange men in suits with guns, whispered threats in the backroom. That’s what my life has become. I told my father to never get tangled up with the Bianchi’s, but he would do anything to save the gym his grandfather started. I thought I could handle it.

Until my father takes off.

Now I’m stuck with his debt and Gabriele. The a-hole says I belong to him now until I’ve worked off every cent. If I want to keep my beloved family gym I have no choice but to obey. But as Gabriele Bianchi’s demands keep growing I realize I’m becoming the one thing I hate. I refuse to back down to this man and become his obedient little pet.

But this is one fight I’m not sure I can win.

Fight me Daddy is a full-length MM Daddy romance with morally gray characters, a devilish and demanding Daddy, a dangerous and cold boy, a load of bloody violence and a well deserved HEA.

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