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Everyone knows you don't date your best friends son. Right?


I would never do something like that… 

But when my best friend asks me if his son could stay for a few weeks until he got on his feet, the plan wasn’t to fall for him.

I know I should stay away from Elliot. He's half my age and I’m not even sure he’s gay. 

But no matter how hard I try all I can think about is making Elliot mine.



I've known Scott all my life. He's been there for me and my dad countless times. 

So why do I suddenly have such a huge crush on him? 

Seeing him after my years away in college has changed everything. I can't stop looking at him. I can't stop thinking about him. His whole vibe screams Daddy and I'm officially confused. 

Am I falling in love with my dad's best friend?




Flying out to LA to check on my son’s new relationship is one thing, but what do I do when I fall in love with his best friend Tom?

I know Elliot wants Tom to be our buffer. I think he's meant to distract me. He definitely does that. The more I talk to Tom, the more I realize there’s more to him than a flirty, over the top persona he shows the world.

He’s real, he’s lonely and everything about him draws me in.


My best friend wants me to check in on his dad. That’s it. So why am I feeling this way?

Sure, the man’s hot, but there are plenty of gorgeous men in L.A.. All I have to do is talk to him, keep him company and make sure he has someone to keep him occupied during his stay.

There’s just one problem; the more I get to know him the more I want him to be mine. This was never part of the plan. But I’m falling for Jack and I don’t know how to stop. I don’t want to.

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