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Break Me Daddy

I did something stupid.

Something needlessly, hopelessly, stupid and now my past is catching up with me. I knew when I saw that cash I should have left it alone, but I needed it. And doesn’t the world owe me a little bit of luck? A little reprieve from the constant BS?

Sorry. I can’t help but to rant about my situation because the truth is that I am royally screwed. You see, I stole money from the mob. One stupid decision made in the heat of the moment and now I’m running for my life. A friend gave me enough money to hide…

But he’s coming for me.

Amadeo wants to possess everything that I am and punish me for what I’ve done. Maybe I could take that if he wasn’t so intent on making me call him ‘Daddy’. And maybe I wouldn’t care about that title, if it didn’t make me tingly all over. But I despise him and I always will. No matter what my stupid body…and heart…has to say.

Break me Daddy is a full-length MM Daddy romance with morally gray characters, a possessive and demanding Daddy, a willful and bratty boy, a load of bloody violence and a well deserved HEA.

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