Here's where you can find in depth triggers/warnings and their locations now. If you want to read my books, but skip a certain scene that's entirely up to you! Do NOT scroll any further if you prefer to avoid spoilers. 

Fight Me Daddy

Violence, torture, implied trafficking, watersports, and dubcon. 

Dubcon is throughout so it can't be avoided. The watersports scene can be avoided by skipping Chapter 21. If you read it however, skip ahead after Calix cums. The watersport scene is mild with Gabriele pissing inside of him but if that's a no for you just skip. :) 

Chapter 19 is where a torture scene occurs. It involves Gabriele, a scalpel, and a man's dick. If you'd rather avoid that skip as well.

If there are any other triggers that you would like to skip over please send me a message and I can tell you which chapters to avoid. Happy Reading!